R&D and Manufacturing



The Company owns 3 major R&D platforms: a National Enterprise Technology Center, a Jiangsu Automotive Plastic Fuel System Engineering Research Center, and a Post-Doctoral Research Center. After years of development, the Company now possesses complete R&D capabilities of planning market and technology strategies, researching and developing new technologies, designing and developing product applications. It owns a standardized design center, an industry-leading simulation center, and a world-class experiment center. The Company focuses on mastering cutting-edge technologies for developing automotive fuel systems, as well as solving key technological problems which limit the industry’s growth. By combining independent innovation and joint innovation, the Company independently developed several intellectual properties and mastered their applications in production processes. These intellectual properties are now key technologies in the automotive industry. The Company participates in and coordinates the compilation of national standards and industrial standards, thus leading the industry to adopt higher quality standards. The Company’s fuel systems have many superior qualities. They are safe, eco-friendly, light weight, and low cost. They match different engine types, and they meet the requirements of China VI and North America LEV Ⅲ vehicle emission standards. Also, they provide energy storage solutions for energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles, such as HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles).


The Company owns world-leading and fully intelligent production lines for fuel tank productions and filler pipe productions, which can carry out fully automatic and unmanned intelligent productions at key processes. These automatic production lines are assisted by key process indicators monitoring system, data storage system, data traceability system, and data analysis system. They are paired with a digital control system which oversees the full production cycle from customer ordering, supplier ordering, production scheduling, to warehouse management and delivery. The Company is thus able to ensure stable and efficient production process and high product quality.

  • 6-Axis Dynamic Venting Simulation Test

  • Evaporative Emission Test

  • Acoustic Test

  • Burning Test

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